Friday, September 21, 2007

September 21, 2007

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the latest edition of "On My Mind".

As you notice, I have changed my layout of my column. I kept having errors with my old blog so I switched to this. I h
ave copied & pasted all of my old columns to this page as well.

I want to first thank everyone for all of their e-mails & comments on the Where are they now section. Comments make me happy. :)

There was a horrible tragedy at the WWE event on Tuesday night at the Philips Arena. The Atlanta News is reporting that a WWE fan fell from a walking ramp and died. The accident happened just before midnight. Police did not release the person's name. Investigators
have ruled the fall an accident, and no charges were filed.

Do you need a loan? If so, Ric Flair's new finance company has opened up their website. Make sure you turn up your volume to hear Ric Flair speak when you go to the link.

The Joe McDonnell radio show in LA interviewed Bill Goldberg. In the interview, Goldberg admitted that he has used steroids. Goldberg, known as an animal lover, stated that he wanted to kill Falcons Michael Vick.

On to some celebrity news.

Hilary Duff turns 20 soon. Her hockey player boyfriend, Mike Comrie, called her to tell he had a birthday present. Hilary thought it was a pair of shoes, but it turned out to be a Mercedes-Benz G-class SUV. The retail price of the car is a little over 100,000. What a good way to start the 20's.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie said in a recent interview that they are going to need a bigger bed for expanding their family. The Pitt family recently made a 9 foot wide bed to fits him, Angelina, & their four children. The family already consists of kids Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh,
1. Brad said in the interview that they will be expanding their family in the very near future.

I know this is a bit of old news. Britney Spears opened the MTV Award show with an awful performance, but to call her fat & out of shape is not right.

Britney Spears was ordered to undergo twice-weekly random testing by the judge in the custody case. The night after this was ordered Spears goes to the club scene to party the night away.

I am going to wrap up this edition of "On My Mind". I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Where are they Now?

Diamond Dallas Page is most popular for his wrestling career throughout the 1990's and early 2000's. The word Diamond was enthused by Page's respect of the rhythm of the name of "Classy" Freddie Blassie. The name Dallas came from being a huge Dallas Cowboys Football fan. DDP was well-known for his signature the Diamond Cutter, and for his "Feel the Bang!" hand symbol.

DDP's first appearance was at WrestleMania VI, where he drove The Honky Tonk & Greg Valentine to the ring in his pink Cadillac. At this time, he was unknown to the wrestling world.

In 1990, Page finally had a tryout with the WWF as an announcer, but failed to get the job. When Dusty Rhodes returned to WCW, Page was brought in on a small contact to manage the Fabulous Freebirds. In 1994, Page brought his wife, Diamond Doll Kimberly, into WCW.

Page's career highpoint was in 1997. I know I sure was a DDP fan as a kid. I bought all sorts of DDP Merchandise. One of my all-time favorite feuds of WCW was DDP vs. Randy Savage. They had an outstanding match in Tupelo at the Spring Stampede PPV. They brawled all over the arena. I was lucky enough to get to meet DDP & Kimberly. They were very down to earth. DDP made me do the BANG! hand sign before I got my autograph.

In 1997, Page was voted WCW's magazines wrestler of the year. During this year, he was frequently called "the hardest working man in the business" by WCW commentators.

Page became World Champion in 1999 where he defeated Sting, Hogan, and Ric Flair in a 4 way dance. Page gave Ric Flair the Diamond Cutter, and the rest is history.

When WCW folded, Page was one of the few major WCW stars to sign with McMahon. He became known for his catch phrase, Yo, its me, its me, its DDP.

Where can you catch DDP now?

DDP continues to entertain and motivate as an actor, speaker, and author.

DDP's main speaking topic is how to "live life at 90%", the concept being life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

He has had many speaking engagements in the past few years. He spoke twice at Yale University at the Masters Tea for Dr. William Sledge. He visits the troops in Iraq as often as his schedule allows.

DDP has also made a book teaching Yoga. The birth of his YRG workout came while he was recovering from rupture back discs. He was brought into power yoga with his wife Kimberly. He found that the daily Yoga workouts had benefits that he hadn't explored. Page regained his strength and flexibility that were hindered by his ruptured disks.
DDP's film credits include Ready to Rumble, First Daughter, Rat Race, The Devil's Rejects, Splinter, Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horrors, and Driftwood.

Television credits include The Tonight Show, Entourage, Hollywood Squares, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Regis, and the Best Damn Sports Show.

In 1999, DDP published his autobiography: Positively Page: The Diamond Dallas Page Story & his second book, YRG: Yoga for Regular Guys was published in 2005.

DDP BLOOPER: At WCW World War 3 PPV in 1998, Page actually wore the WCW United States Championship belt upside down on his way to the ring.

Overall, DDP has been very successful. I am curious as to what he will do next.

Early Picture of DDP

August 23, 2007

Welcome to a new edition of "On My Mind."

How is everyone today? I am doing fine. I have been very busy this week, but I always make time to do some online writing.

I read about Dan Rodman's release here on our site this morning, but I have learned more details about the situation. I have read that the decision of parting ways was mutual. Dan is leaving wrestling to return into the real estate business. Good Luck Dan.

There are internet rumors that Batista's book will create heat in the WWE locker room. In the book, he talks about who he hates and does not respect in the locker room, the women he has slept with, and his thoughts on WWE's creative decisions. It will be different from any other WWE book.

Bret Hart's new book will be released in Canada in October, but will not be released in the United States until 2008. I really don't understand why the U.S won't get the book until 2008; however, I do know that I will purchase a copy of this book. Bret Hart has always been one of my favorites.

I watched Rey Mysterio on Fox and Friends this morning. He claimed he never knew Benoit was on steroids. He was asked if he had ever been on steroids, but said he hadn't. He was in full gimmick while on the show. He appeared in his Rey Mysterio mask. At the end of the interview, he gave the hosts of Fox and Friends masks.

Breaking News on, Lindsay Logan issued a statement saying that she realizes that her life is a mess because she is addicted to drugs and alcohol. She apologizes for breaking the law. Now she wants to take control of her life. I hope she is being honest to herself, and not just trying to get sympathy.

Perez Hilton has provoked Lance Bass. On Perez Hilton's famous website, he posted that a fan came up to Lance to get a picture. Perez stated that Lance was rude to the fan, and said "don't even think about taking a picture."

Lance Bass has posted a blog from his official myspace. I read the blog this afternoon. This is what it says:

“August 23, 2007 - Thursday

Im hearing yet again goodole perez has posted something, imagine this, not true.
I guess someone said i was rude to them at a club and told them “dont even think about taking a picture”
Pretty sure the smart ones know this by now, but, that never happened. I couldnt be mean to anyone and go waaaaaay out of my way to make everyone happy. So this guy obviously wanted attention , and i guess he got it. Congrats!
Love when “journalists” get their facts first! lol”

Britney Spear's comeback to the music industry will be a total failure if all of her music sounds like her first track. Yes, it is really that bad.

Click here to listen to brand new song

This next story made me laugh out loud. Bill Murray was stopped & arrested by Swedish police yesterday for drunkenly driving his golf cart back to his hotel.

Well, I hope each and everyone of you have a great weekend & to stay out of trouble. Wait is that possible for viewers.. LOL!

Thanks for reading.

August 14, 2007

I want to dedicated this edition to the late Brian Adams.

Yesterday, Adams was found by his wife unconscious in bed and not breathing. His wife dialed 911. When paramedics arrived, it was already to late. Brian Adams could not be revived. He was pronounced dead of an undetermined cause. It was noted that there were no visible signs of injury. An autopsy is scheduled for today.

*I used to play "WWF Royal Rumble" Super Nintendo game. A lot of times I wanted to play as Crush in the video game. He was always the toughest guy on the video game to me.

Brian Adams was apart of WWF off and on for a very long time. His first appearance in the WWF was in 1990 as Crush. He was the third member of the Demolition stable. Years later, WWF put him in a feud with his former tag team partner Smash. Adams was going by the name Kona Crush. Brian Adams went to WCW in 1998 after being released by the WWF. He became apart of the NWO. Eventually, Brian Adams went back to WWF where he appeared as Kronik. He was managed by Steven Richards. They were placed in a feud with the Undertaker & Kane. Adams was released for his final time from WWF in November 2001.

After his wrestling career, Brian started to pursue his boxing career. He was even suppose to have a boxing match on pay per view, but during his training he injured his shoulder. This left him unable to fight.

Brian returned to wrestling in Japan. During his last ring performance, he suffered a spinal injury that forced him to retire. Adams had surgery in attempt to correct his spinal injury, but it did not result in a return to professional wrestling. Adams said that due to his spinal injury he was unfit to wrestle.

After his retirement from wrestling, he became a bodyguard for his long time friend, Randy Savage who was touring to promote his rap CD.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family & friends of Brian Adams.

Rest In Peace Brian.

August 07. 2007

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen:

First, I want to ask all of my fellow myspacers to re-add me. I had a hacker break into my account & delete all of my friends. I had almost 500 and last night when I logged in I had ZERO. Anyone on MySpace who would like to add me, feel free to.

Speaking of MySpace. TNA Superstar, Homicide, was recently fined by TNA due to supporting Konnan's problems with TNA on his MySpace page.

Will there be a "See No Evil 2?" There are rumors accumulation that Kane may have signed on a sequel to WWE Films. Personally, I thought the "See No Evil" movie was very good. I would like to see a second one.

I read that Donald Trump insisted that WWE not to focus the WrestleMania 23 dvd on him. Trump wanted to be part of the promotion until the day of the show, but didn't want anything to do with it after. Vince obeyed Trump's commands.

Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys was on the radio this morning speaking about his ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton. When asked "Do You think about her anymore" and do you ever wish you could be back with her", Nick stated that No, He doesn't even care about Paris anymore. He is sick of hearing the name and personally he doesn't think America cares about Paris either.

Britney Spears Hits & Run

Britney Spears banged into a parked car as she was pulling into a Studio City vitamin store. After she hit the parked station wage with her Mercedes, she screamed, "I'm a brainiac!" She then inspected the damage on her car and ended up leaving the scene without checking the other car. This girl is truly a mess.

What a week for Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. Both celebrities have reactions to disrespectful fans.

Tim Mcgraw gets angry with an audience member for stealing his wedding ring.

Then Faith gets angry at a fan too!

Way to go Tim & Faith for telling it like it is LOL!!
Well I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of On My Mind.
Have a great week.

August 03, 2007

50 Reasons you are obsessed with wrestling.
-you go to shake someone's hand, then pause and look around nervously for the crowd's response.
-you refuse to enter a room unless someone plays your entrance music.
-after failing your final exams you tell your friends you were 'screwed'.
-you blade yourself on purpose whilst shaving.
-you list 'Parts Unknown' as your residence on your passport application and get angry when officials make you take off your mask for a photo.
-you get kicked off the school wrestling team for choke-slamming your opponent.
-whenever you put your children to bed you say 'Rest In Peace'.
-instead of telling your kids a bedtime story you put them in a sleeper hold.
-you greet your girlfriends parents by powerbombing her mother into a bed of nails.
-your best friend is in a bad mood and you wonder if he's turning heel.

-you call your group of friends a stable.
-your living room furniture consists only of folding chairs.
-every time you write an exam, you tell the professor that you're the highest ranking official, and if you don't get an A, he's suspended.
-when you see a road accident you rush into the wreckage, stand over the victim and start chanting "ECW! ECW! ECW!"
-when you're getting beat up in a bar fight, but you honestly believe that with a little crowd support, you can turn this thing around.
-if you hit your co-worker in the head with a chair while your manager is distracting him.
-when a guy steals your girl, you consider it an angle.
-if whenever you walk into a party you tell them to"cut the music".
-after an argument with a friend, you shake hands, hug each other and then after you raise both yours and your friend's arms in the air, as he looks to the side, you clothesline him.
-when you go into work you insult everyone you see just to draw heat.

-if you lose a job, you change your look and name before starting a new one.
-whenever someone asks "Do you know what time it is?"You respond "It's Vader time!!!"
-your friend comes to dinner and when he brings a chair in from the other room, you spear him and apply The Jackhammer. You wait for cheers from your family.
-after you beat someone up, you spray paint their back.
-you clothesline people in the supermarket for no real reason.
-you power bomb your mum through the dinner table.
-you are refereeing a sporting event and just as someone is cheating you turn your head.
-when you go to a Japanese restaurant, you start a "USA! USA!" chant.
-if you walk into church and slap people's hands in the pews while walking down the aisle.
-you campaign for Goldberg to be Israel's next Prime Minister.

-you rent a table at the mall for the weekend and hold an autograph session.
-if at a ceremony at your work to give out awards to the employee of the year, you "turn" and slam a chair across the recipient of the award's head... then you immediately grab the mic and start talking about how YOU deserved the award.
-you call your folks 'Vince' and 'Linda' and your brother 'Shane'.
-you get fired from work then show up the next day wearing a mask.
-you clean your teeth after a meal with a toothpick and then throw it at the person opposite you.
-the only words you got right on your Spanish test were"Viva La Raza".
-your greatest moment in life was when the nWo was created and you have it documented in a college paper with legitimate sources.
-when you girlfriend dumps you, you tell her she couldn't "play with the big boys", and that she will never get past mid-card status.
-you call all Hispanic people luchadores.
-when in a fight you get down on two knees and beg the other guy not to hit you, and then you nail him with a low blow.

-you walk up to get your diploma, and the graduation song is playing, you turn to the audience and shout "OOOOOOHHHHH YEEEEAAAAHHH!"
-you replace the Pomp And Circumstance at Graduation with Macho Man's nWo music.
-you leapfrog over people while playing football, then turn around and clothesline them.
-everytime you go to church, you wait for the minister to quote something from the Book Of Austin.
-you start every sentence with the words "Well, ya know, Mean Gene...", or "Let me tell ya something..."
-you refer to everyone you talk to as "brother".
-after your parents ground you for a week, you refer to them as "heels".
-you ask your parents to adopt Sunny or Sable. Your father immediately agrees; your mother smashes his head on the table. Her divorce lawyer counts him out.
-a day before retirement, you demand a retirement match from someone in the office.
-you actually read this whole list.

July 29, 2007

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the updated version of HollywoodJimmy.Com. I hope you all enjoy the changes.

We are pleased to announce that we have hit our 1 millionth visitor on the message board! We are very excited about that honor.

Here is a big Thank you to all of you who have made our website successful!!

I have read that Steve Austin put his 3,800 square foot home in Malibu up for sale for $3.9 million. He purchased a smaller home in Los Angeles.

ESPN's website posted an article that states that Congress has sent a letter to Vince McMahon requesting information and documents to WWE's drug related policies and testing. It sounds like WWE is going to have to follow stricter rules.
Click here to read the ESPN article.

I read the interview with the "Dynamite Kid" Tom Billington from the "Globe" last night. Tom spoke about how Chris Benoit looked up to Tom. Tom claims to have warned Benoit about the dangers of steroids, but Benoit did not listen. Tom stated that he feels no sympathy for Benoit and that he deserved to die after killing his family. Tom Billington was quoted as saying "I'm glad he's dead."

I really didn't see this next one coming. Eric Bischoff is retiring from the entertainment business to become an astronaut. At age 52, he realized that there were some goals that he will never achieve unless he makes the decision right now to achieve them. He said that he has always wanted to be in the aerospace industry. Good luck with that Eric. Lance Bass tried many attempts to fly to space, but that never happened for him. Maybe it will for you.

Country Singer Mindy McCready was in jail Thursday. She was accused of violating probation on a 2004 drug charge after a scuffle with her mother and authorities in Florida. Her and her mother got into a fight where Mindy scratched her mother's face. She could serve up to 3 years in prison for violating probation.

Here is her mugshot. Mindy needs alot of help to get her life straightened up. She is really messed up.

Kiss singer and guitarist, Paul Stanley, was forced to pull out of a show in California on Friday after his heart started beating on more than twice the normal level. Paul stated that his heart jumped to 190 plus beats per minute, where it stayed for over an hour. Paramedics had to start an IV and give him a shot to stop his heart and get it into a normal pattern.

The Simpson's Movie shattered industry expectations by taking in $71.9 million during its debut weekend, making it the top film of the weekend. Fox studio hoped for $30 million. Wow, this movie made higher than their expectations. That is amazing. I personally want to see this movie.

Last night, I watched Premonition with Sandra Bullock. It was a really good movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The ending was totally unexpected.
Well, I want to thank each and every one of you for helping us make our one millionth mark.

We really appreciate it!!!

July 19, 2007

Hey everyone!

First off, I want to wish Jay Blaylock a very HAPPY 1st Birthday!! He had a Mickey Mouse Birthday party with his very first cake. He was even on the local news this morning for his birthday. Happy Birthday Jay!

The new season of Hogan Knows Best will air this Sunday Night. This season will display their marriage problems to the world. It should be really interesting to watch.

WWE Raw's rating was a 3.4 for the second week in a row.

Edge suffered a torn muscle at the show in New Orleans. He is expected to be out until November.

Did anyone watch America's Got Talent? The auditions are now over, and the competition has begun. My favorite of the night was Butterscotch. Butterscotch did a beatbox rendition of "Summertime" for the audience. I also thought that The Glamazons did a really good job. I think they will be in the finals. Kevin the magician really disappointed me. I hope he can get one more week to perform because he is really good. I just don't know why he picked the trick that he did.

As a HUGE animal lover, I just had to write about this. I hope NFL star Michael Vick faces prison for training pit bulls for death matches in which spectators bet on the outcome. Michael Vick would put the dogs to death by shooting, drowning, hanging, or electrocution if the dogs didn't show enough spirit fighting, or lost matches. I really hope he faces prison.

It takes a heartless and cruel human being to hurt an animal. I could just imagine looking into the dogs' innocent eyes while he was abusing them the way he did. Don't people understand that animals have feelings too?'

Animal Cruelty is one thing I will not tolerate. I am totally against it.
Rumors have been circulating that Ashlee Simpson was engaged and pregnant with her Fall Out Boyfriend Pete Wentz. Ashlee's reps stated "absolutely not true" concerning the situation.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry opens in theaters on July 20th. I am really wanting to see this movie. It looks like it will be hilarious.

Everyone go to the message board to wish Jay Blaylock a very happy 1st Birthday!!

Thank you all for reading. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions.

If you just want to drop me a line. My e-mail address is

July 12, 2007

Hey everybody!

I hope everyone enjoys the upgrades to We have upgraded to a better webhost with no advertisements. This means we can get more visitors to the website without the website going down as often.

Prince Charles led an awards ceremony honoring some troops in London today. He really did honor the lady in the picture. lol

Monday Night Raw had a record breaking show this past Monday night. The ratings (3.4) was the lowest rated summer show in over nine years. Is all the bad media publicity really turning the fans away?

WWE is thinking about bringing back Sean "X-Pac" Waltman.

I really think instead of bringing Sean back to wrestling. They should do a reality show on Sean & Chyna. Wouldn't that be interesting? The two of them were very entertaining on the show Surreal life. Sean blamed the show for messing up their relationship & even started arguments with other cast members. This relationship televised would get high ratings.

The Singing Bee hosted by Joey Fatone premiered this week. It was amusing for the first ten minutes. Then after that it put me to sleep.

Can anyone believe that they put through the Shakira guy on American's Got Talent? They turned away some very high-quality acts to put this guy in the contest.

The Atlanta news are reporting that patients under Dr. Phil Astin (The Benoit Tragedy) include Lex Luger, Marcus Bagwell, Mark Jindrak, Bob Holly, Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, Johnny Grunge, & Rey Mysterio.

Thank you all for reading. If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions. If you just want to drop me a line. My e-mail address is

I hope you all have a great weekend.

July 10, 2007

I first want to thank all of the visitors for making successful. We are very excited to be hitting our One Millionth mark very soon.

I also would like to say Thank You to "Hollywood", Axeman, Cannon, David Burcham, D-Rock, The Exclusive , & to our newest writer Mister Crackerjacks for all of their hard work & dedication to the website.

I am using this web space for my blog ramblings. It will be a little random at times. It will not always talk about wrestling, but I will *try* to update regularly.

On to a little introduction about me. Most of you know who I am. I have been coming to the shows for most of my life. I have been a wrestling fan for 21 years now. (I am 21 years old.) I have been designing websites since I was 12. I designed this blog for my personal entertainment.

We attended the Smackdown/ECW houseshow in Tupelo Saturday night. There was alot of empty seats considering they only sold around 2,000 tickets in a 10,000 seat arena. My favorite match of the night was Chris Masters vs. Jimmy Wang Yang.

I heard alot of fans complaining on how boring the show was.

This one guy that was sitting beside us thought that the Undertaker was coming back. Everytime the lights would go out, he thought the Undertaker was coming out. lol!

I keep hearing that Nicole Richie is pregnant. Some are assuming that either she is pregnant or she has a swollen belly from malnutrition. Lionel claims he doesn't know if she is pregnant or not. If she wasn't pregnant, wouldn't he just say No. I guess we will eventually have to find out.

Britney Spears apologized on her website for the Umbrella Attack. She claimed she was practicing for a movie part & got a little carried away. Yeah, Right Britney.

I did not like the movie Black Snake Moan. I watched it & couldn't get into it. I thought it was very bad. As much as I like Justin Timberlake, this movie was bad.

The movie that I liked was Evan Almighty with Steve Carell & Morgan Freeman. A

Larry King devoted his entire show to the Benoit Family Tragedy. It included appearances from John Cena, Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, Steve Blackman, & Jerry McDevitt. If you missed it, here is the transcript of the entire show.
Click here for the CNN transcript.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be presenting awards at the ESPY awards July 15th. It will air on ESPN.

Thank you all again for all your support on HollywoodJimmy.Com If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions. If you just want to drop me a line. My e-mail address is