Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Real Truth

The Real Truth

Yes, It is true that we had a flat near Memphis Yesterday. The part that is untrue is that Hollywood & Death Wish claim to have fixed the flat tire. Hollywood, You say that you hurt your back fixing the flat tire.

How did you do that?

Neither you or Death Wish lifted one finger to help out. You two were to busy sipping on colas & eating hot dogs.

Death Wish & Hollywood continued arguing on who would fix the flat tire. I had to take it upon myself to fix the flat tire or we would have been there all night long.

I couldn't believe how lazy they were.
I had to do ALL the work.

All they wanted to do was boss me around.

Death Wish was to scared he was going to get his hands dirty.
Hollywood was to scared that he was going to pop a sweat.

The both of them were arguing due to it taking so long.
They were in a hurry to get to a restaurant to sit down and eat

These two were incredibly annoying.

They were even selfish enough to celebrate bossing people around.

Take my Advice, don't EVER ride with Death Wish or Hollywood.