Thursday, February 26, 2009

American Idol Review 2-26-2009

American Idol had a good show tonight. I really like how they are bringing back former contestants from previous seasons to perform.

Brooke White performed tonight. She did really really good. She has improved alot from last season.
The top three to enter the top 12 were Allison Ireheta, Kris Allen, & Adam Lambert.
I am sooo excited to see Allison & Kris enter the top 12! They are my two favorite contestants so far. I'm really rooting for them. I'm not a fan of Adam yet, but I knew he was going to go get the votes.
Also, I think they will bring Jasmine Murray (the girl from Columbus,MS) back to American Idol with the Wild Card picks. The judges really seem to like her.

The Wrestler Review

I just got finished watching the movie everyone has been talking about, The Wrestler. I honestly didn't know what to expect of it. I haven't ever heard of Mickey Rourke until this movie came out.
Mickey plays Randy(or should I say Robin lol) "The Ram" Robinson. The Ram is described as a "broken down piece of meat." He isn't as popular or healthy as he once was. He has alot of personal problems, but is offered an opportunity to have a rematch of his all-time memorable match. I'm not going to tell everything that happens in the movie because I know everyone hasn't seen it.

The Wrestler is a must see for anybody involved in wrestling. I didn't expect to get so into the movie. It was rather sad, but also inspiring. It showed a man who was so alone and depressed outside of wrestling. When he stepped into the ring, he was so "at home" , like thats where he was suppose to be.

I can now see why Mickey Rourke is getting all the great reviews. Mickey is very very real in the movie. They couldn't have got a better person to play The Ram.

If you hadn't seen this movie, you need to. It's a must see.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol Review 2-25-2009

American Idol is one of my favorite shows EVER! I am totally addicted to it. I am going to start reviewing it each week.

The first contestant to perform on the show was Jasmine Murray. I was pretty excited to see Jasmine on the Group 2 Top 12 since she is a Mississippi girl. However, her performance disappointed me. She sang Love Song. It wasn't the worst performance on the show, but it was pretty bad. Jasmine was very pitchy throughout the song. Very disappointed in her. I highly doubt she will be in the Top 12.

*I don't think we will be seeing the American Idol cameras coming to MS anytime soon.*

Matt Giraud was the next to sing Viva La Vida. I highly doubt if America will even remember him. He didn't do anything to stand out. I think he was the worst of the night.

The third singer to perform was Jeanne Vailes. Jeanne had millions of people staring at her legs due to the judges tonight. LOL! That's all that I remember the judges making their comments about. I didn't like Jeanne. She just couldn't sing that well.

The first three were incredibily boring. Will the show pick up?

Of course, it did because Nick Mitchell performed. This guy is hillarious. Nick's performance was the most entertaining of the night. He's just so different and funny. I don't think he will be make it to the next round, but I do think a comedy show in Branson will hire him. You can't forget this guy.

The next girl, Allison Ireheta stoled the show. She did amazing. I didn't think I would like her at first because how she was acting in her interview before. She was acting like she was doped up. Maybe she was nervous. I don't know lol. Anyways, I judged to fast. Allison is what American Idol is all about. She will be in the Top 12! She got my vote.

Kris Allen performed Man in the Mirror. Kris did really well. I really like his soulful voice. He was my favorite guy. Although, he is a little forgetable . I don't think America will remember to vote for him.

Megan Corkery performed Put Your Record On. I really enjoyed her performance. It was really fun and up to date. I can totally see Megan being a star.

The next singer was Matt Breitzke. He sung If you Could Only See. None of the judges liked him..I thought he could really sing. I have to disagree with them on that. However, I thought his attitude was bad when the judges were giving their opinons.

Ryan Seacrest asked Matt would he have changed the song choice if he knew that all four judges didn't like it. Matt's response was No.. Dude, if you have four music professionals telling you not to sing that song and you sing it anyways. That's dumb.. His 15 minutes of fame are over with anyways.. He's not going to the top 12. That's for sure.

Anywho.. Jesse Langseth was up next. She sung Betty Davis Eyes. I was not impressed at all by her. When she sang, it was like she wasn't opening her mouth wide enough to get the words out.. I couldn't even understand what she was saying.
The judges didn't like Kai Kalama. He performed What Becomes of the Broken Hearted. The judges thought it was boring, forgetable, and to old fashioned for Kai. However, I really liked it. I thought it was one of the best performances of the night.

Mishavonna Henson sung Drops Of Jupiter. *everytime I hear this song, I think of Arkansas trips.. because Everytime we go to Arkansas, we hear this song at least 12 times in a 3 hour trip lol* Back to the subject lol.. I think Mishavonna can really sing. I enjoyed it. Adam Lambert was the last to sing. Adam sang Satisfaction. Adam reminds me soo much of Ashlee Simpson's husband, Pete Wentz. Simon was right on when he said that Half of America will Love it and the other half will hate it. Half of my household Loved it, while the other hated it. I was one of the ones that hated it. I thought it was sooo tacky. It was horrible. However, I think Adam will get all of the young teenage girls to vote for him. *The girls that are into the Fallout Boy type music*

These are the top three that I would like to see make it to the top 12: Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, & Kai Kalama.

However, these are the top 3 that I think America and the Judges will vote in: Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, and Megan Corkrey.

I'll be back tomorrow after the results show. :)