Friday, September 5, 2008

When I think about my childhood

As a kid, I was obsessed with Wrestling. I woke up thinking about wrestling, went to sleep thinking about wrestling, and even had wrestling dreams. Everyone who knew me knew that I was a wrestling fan. My teachers always laughed about how every project that was assigned, I would somehow turn it into a wrestling assignment.

I grew up watching wrestling in the 90's. That's when I remember wrestling at its best. I would get a thrill out of watching USWA, WWF, WCW, & ECW. I remember the days when I would get up early on Saturday mornings to go to my MeMaw & Papaw's house. We would eat my Memaw's homemade gravy and biscuit and then watch USWA. It was a tradition. One of my favorite childhood memories would be my dad taking me to Memphis to see USWA. I was always star struck to see my "heroes" live in person.

When shows came to Tupelo, I was the kid that was dressed as her favorite wrestler or with her favorite wrestling t-shirts. I had my hands full with posters that I had created for the show. My money was spent on souvineers. I always had my little notebook to get all my favorite superstars autograph. When WCW would come to town, they would always have wrestlers signing autographs around town. My mom took me to see each and every one of them. My childhood rotated around wrestling.

I have been around wrestling so long now. I feel that it's just another part of my life.

Even though, I rarely watch wrestling on television these days. I do have to admit that when I meet the wrestlers I grew up watching, I still feel the excitement. Just like I did when I was a kid.

When I think about my childhood, I think about wrestling.

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Timothy Kendrick said...

Tia, You and I are just about a generation apart. I was in diapers and I use to dream about wrestling. What I like about the Indy shows is getting to meet some of my favorites from growing up. I love the industry to this day and will till my dying day on this earth. Great read. I loved it. Thank you